Services And Capabilities

Land Development

From Due Diligence, Planning, Design, Permitting and Construction;  Mackie Consultants, LLC has the expertise, experience and staff to meet your development needs.   We provide innovative and creative designs to fit each project’s unique characteristics.  In addition to the services and capabilities already noted, we are fully trained in the following areas:

  • Grading and Earthwork Analysis
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Planning and Design
  • Water Main Planning and Design
  • Storm Sewer Planning and Design
  • Permitting
  • LEED Design Services   
  • NPDES plans and specifications

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Water Resources

Whether your project is 1 acre, 100 acres or 1,000 acres, Water Resource Planning is critical to the permitting and development of your project.  Our staff will develop a Stormwater Management Plan that is practical while protecting the environmental resources of the surrounding area.  We are experienced in:

  • Hydraulic and hydrologic investigations, modeling and designs
  • Base Flood Elevation determinations,
  • Floodplain Management,
  • Drainage Investigations,
  • Stormwater detention facilities, including at grade or underground storage
  • Watershed Management Planning
  • Water Resource Planning
  • And much more

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Mackie Consultants, LLC is committed to doing our part to preserve our country’s environmental resources through sustainable development.  We are well-versed in the latest “green” design qualifications and conservation principles.  Our LEED accredited professionals have partnered to design numerous LEED certified projects.  Our portfolio includes:

  • Water Reclamation and Re-use
  • Ground Water Preservation  
  • Woodland Restoration
  • Wetland Preservation, Enhancement and Restoration
  • LEED Design Certification
  • Water Quality Designs
  • Rain Gardens
  • Bio-swales
  • Porous/Pervious Pavement
  • Filter Strips
  • Material recycling
  • Tree Preservation
  • Infiltration Trenches

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Mackie Consultants, LLC works with our clients and the governing agencies to provide an efficient and cost effective transportation system.  We have worked for both private developers and government agencies in designing and constructing roadway improvements and networks.  Our expertise includes:

  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Roadway Widening
  • Roadway Rehabilitation
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Traffic Signal Improvements
  • Streetscape Improvements
  • Railways
  • Bikeways and Nature Trails
  • Roadway Condition Evaluation and Rating Analysis
  • Maintenance Evaluation and Planning   

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Mackie Consultants, LLC has assisted our clients in the due diligence and planning for all types of developments.  We understand the complexities in balancing a site plan that maximizes the developable area; maintains functionality with circulation and traffic patterns; meets the requirements of the local governing agencies and has an overall aesthetic appearance.  Our clientele includes residential home builders, retail developers, municipalities, architects, hospitals, schools and universities.  We understand the challenges in developing a project that meets the current market conditions and is cost effective with an innovative design.

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Mining and Reclamation,%202010/sc-mining.jpg

Mackie Consultants, LLC has assisted our mining and reclamation clientele in their efforts to maximize their mining effort while allowing for the re-development of the parcel as part of their reclamation process.  These clients have reclaimed the mined land into residential subdivisions, industrial parks, office buildings, active park lands and passive park lands.  We understand the process to obtain approvals for new mining operations, NPDES discharge and recycling permits, water management permits and the renewal or modification of existing permits that meet the changing government regulations.  

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Mackie Consultants, LLC provides a full range of engineering and surveying services to assist municipalities, sanitary districts, departments of transportations and government agencies.  Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the review of engineering plans, studies and reports to ensure future developments meet the needs and goals in the changing environment.  We have also assisted government agencies in the planning, design and construction of new infrastructure improvements, including roadway improvements, underground utility improvements, athletic fields and public works facilities as well as addressing maintenance of existing infrastructure.   

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Let’s Play Ball!!!  (or run, or swing, or just relax!)  From Baseball Diamonds, to Soccer Fields, to Playgrounds, Water Parks and Pools; we have worked with numerous organizations to develop varying sizes and types of athletic fields and play areas.  Our portfolio includes:

  • baseball diamonds
  • football fields, including synthetic turf system
  • rubberized running tracks
  • soccer fields
  • tennis courts
  • playgrounds
  • passive park settings
  • golf courses
  • skate parks

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Land Surveying

Accurate, reliable and complete are three adjectives that describe our commitment to meeting your land surveying needs.  Our staff utilizes the latest technology to complete a full array of surveying services from:

  • GPS/GIS Surveys
  • Plats of Survey
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Record Drawings
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Aerial Mapping
  • ALTA Boundary Surveys
  • Plats of Highway
  • Construction Layout
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Plats of Subdivision
  • Hydrographic Surveys

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Bidding and Construction

Mackie Consultants, LLC has an experienced staff that can assist you in the bidding, contracting and construction management for land development improvements or vertical structures.  We have the expertise and knowledge to put together a complete package for the solicitation of bids that includes the necessary instructions, bid forms, and specifications.  We can assist you in awarding the project and completing the necessary contract forms, including the appropriate terms and conditions.  We can also manage your project both from the office and in the field to ensure your project runs smoothly, is on time and on budget.  We can coordinate and manage the most complex jobs requiring numerous contractors.  

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