Land Development

Mackie Consultants, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality design expertise and customer service. We work with our clients to develop a plan that meets the individual projects needs and goals. We understand the challenges our clients face in today’s market structure and strive to provide a design that is both economical and consistent with current requirements.

Our staff has been educated in the latest technological advances in green building. We have LEED Accredited Professionals.

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Grading and Earthwork Analysis

Mackie Consultants, LLC understands the costs associated with disposal and procurement of soils necessary to develop any project. Our staff is trained to develop a grading plan that will optimize the “balance” of materials on any project site. We will also work with our clients during construction to alter the grading plan as needed to adjust for overages and underages that occur due to the real world applications.

Sanitary Lift Station

Sanitary Sewer Planning

Mackie Consultants, LLC has worked with our clients on a wide range of sanitary sewer planning projects. We have assisted our industrial and residential clients in designing and permitting of individual temporary holding tanks and septic fields. We have also developed regional studies for municipalities as they plan and implement long-term service areas. Our expertise includes the design of new lift stations for single and multiple stage build-out and the design of modifications for existing lift stations to meet the development needs.

Water Main Planning

Our staff has worked with many municipalities and clients to develop a water system that will meet the individual developments needs and allow for future expansion. Mackie Consultants, LLC has designed projects that utilize a single water service to projects that require miles of water main. We have also completed extensive water modeling to ensure the necessary pressures and fire flows are maintained throughout the system. We understand the importance of designing a system that can be installed in phases to meet the ever changing dynamics within an area.

Storm Sewer Planning

Mackie Consultants, LLC has the tools and training to develop a storm sewer system that is both efficient and economical. We have designed storm sewer systems for all sizes and types of projects. Our expertise and experience gives us the ability to provide the optimum storm sewer system.


Mackie Consultants, LLC has permitted projects with almost every government agency and permit authority. Along with building relationships with our private clients, our staff is encourages to build relationships with the governing agencies and municipalities. We have worked with, and for, many of these permitting agencies; which has provided the unique insight to the distinct philosophies of each organization. This combination allows us to act as the perfect liaison between developers, architects, builders and the permitting agencies.

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NPDES Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are the key to ensuring your project is compliant with the NPDES regulations. We have the expertise and experience to develop the appropriate erosion control plan for each project’s unique characteristics. Each plan is tailor-made to incorporate the suitable sediment and erosion control component, such as silt fencing, rock check dams, sediment traps, erosion control blanket, and inlet protection. We can also provide the necessary monitoring to ensure your site is compliant with the current requirements.

LEED Design Services

Mackie Consultants, LLC has worked with numerous architects and developers to develop projects that meet the requirements of the US Green Building Council’s LEED Certification rating system for Silver, Gold and Platinum buildings. Our designs have included rain gardens, bio-swales, infiltration trenches, filter strips, rain barrels, permeable pavement and mechanical stormwater treatment systems.