Mining and Reclamation

Limestone and gravel mining companies are increasingly looking to sell their reclaimed properties to different types of developers for construction of gas stations, office buildings, residential homes and industrial centers. Mackie Consultants, LLC has worked with limestone and gravel mines to develop the appropriate material specification and compaction requirements to allow for future development.

Mackie Consultants, LLC has worked with limestone and gravel mining companies to develop long-term plans to maximize the amount of material that can be excavated, while still maintaining the ability to market the property for the maximum profit upon completion of reclamation.

Quarry Compaction

Permits and Approvals

Mackie Consultants, LLC has assisted our clientele in obtaining the necessary mining permits for both air quality and water pollution prevention. We have coordinated and received approval for NPDES Discharge and Recycling permits, and Water Management Permits. This permitting assistance has included the renewal and upgrading of existing permits and obtaining new permits. We understand the processes and procedures necessary to meet specific standards for gradations and materials due to the tendency for intense scrutiny from environmental groups and governing agencies.

Bluff City Industrial Park


We have worked closely with both the environmental organizations and the mining companies to develop a mining and reclamation plan that meets the needs and objectives of both groups. Mackie Consultants, LLC recognizes the complexities involved with obtaining approval and permitting for the mining operation.